Datalyzer and Minitab

We get the question frequently: What is the difference between DataLyzer and Minitab, why should I buy DataLyzer instead of Minitab ?

People are even getting more confused because customers require SPC reports created in Minitab.

Basically Minitab and DataLyzer are completely different products: DataLyzer is a real-time solution for SPC, FMEA, Gage Management and OEE and Minitab is a statistical analysis tool. DataLyzer does not have all functionality which Minitab has and Minitab doesn’t have the DataLyzer functionality but there is some overlap between functionalities.

If you want to continuously improve your processes you implement SPC to monitor processes in real time. The following functionality is typically used in real-time SPC systems:

Control loop on the shop floor:

Improvement loop (team leaders and engineering level):

Planning loop (management level):

The above is a summary of DataLyzer functionality which is not available in Minitab. On the other hand Minitab has a number of statistical analysis tools which we don’t offer in DataLyzer like DOE, Reliability analysis etc. So what most of our customers do they use DataLyzer throughout the organization on a daily basis and black belts use Minitab if they want to make advanced analysis. Data can be easily exported from DataLyzer and imported in Minitab either through Excel sheets or by creating mtb exe files.

In Minitab you can perform MSA studies. What is the added benefit of DataLyzer Gage Management ?

A MSA study done in Minitab is very similar to a MSA study in DataLyzer. DataLyzer Gage Management has a few advantages: You can use the process variation taken from the SPC system and use it in your MSA study. When creating reports you can include the GRR value when printing the capability result but the biggest advantage is that DataLyzer Gage Management includes calibration of gages. Calibration must be done on a regular basis. You need to print lists of gages due for calibration, you need to print lists of gages which need to be send to outside suppliers for calibration and when calibrations are done you need to import the certificate and print the stickers. This can all be done with DataLyzer Gage Management and is not part of Minitab.